What is a Gumberoo?

The Gumberoo is a fearsome mythical creature who haunts lumberjacks in the forests of Washington, Oregon, and California. Discovered in the early 19th century by lumberjacks fighting forest fires, Gumberoos are said to live in dens made in the base of hallowed out tress. The mythical creatures spend most of their time in hibernation but when they are not in a hibernated state, they eat everything in sight. While a picture of a Gumberoo has never been seen they have been described in many ways. Some say they have no fur; others have described them as a hairy beast. Some say they resemble a bear like creature, while some sighting recounts have described them as more human like, with horns. No matter what the description there is always one common theme, it’s a ferocious beast with huge fangs.

About The Gumberoos

The Gumberoos are a summer collegiate baseball team that plays in the Pacific Northwest. They are the 2023 expansion team for the Pacific International League that includes six other teams. In addition to the Gumberoos, the league is made up of the DubSea Fish Sticks, Everett Merchants, Northwest Honkers, Redmond Dudes, Shoreline Blackfins and Seattle Studs.

The Gumberoos will primarily be a road for their inaugural season until they can find a more permeant home to host games in 2024. The team’s schedule will consist of 35-40 games and compete for the Pacific International League Championship.